Rockefeller University : Exterior Signage Program

Tucked in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the Rockefeller University is among the most respected and celebrated research institutions in the world. As part of the C&VE design team, I led the design of a new signage and wayfinding system to help the University’s growing population of local, national, and international visitors navigate the campus more efficiently.

Exclusive and contained, the University campus presented a beautiful balance of function and history. Taking cues from the University's mission as well as the architecture, the design of the program is anchored in the simple elegance of chromosomes.

The sign extensions (freestanding totems, plaque signs and directional signs) are all slightly curved panels made out of darkened bronze. Additionally, the aging process of the bronze panels was accelerated on the back of all the signs, mimicking the patina in the surrounding architecture.

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Project Completion Date: June 2009
Project Involvement: Lead Designer, Project Manager
Fabricator: Nordquist Sign Co.
Created at Calori & Vanden-Eynden/Design Consultants

Ocean Financial Centre

The Ocean Financial Centre is a building currently under construction in Singapore. The new building will serve primarily as a home to financial corporations. I was responsible for the concept design and project management, serving as liaison with architects, interior designers, and the client.

Project Completion Date: 2011-2012
Project Involvement: Lead Designer, Project Manager
Created at Calori & Vanden-Eynden/Design Consultants
A large portion of my responsibilities at the Rubin Museum of Art rested on the exhibitions. On average, the museum had two new exhibitions every quarter, ranging from single floor to multi-level experiences.

Main responsibilities included the design of the exhibition identities, including title treatment, interpretive materials, exhibition and membership marketing materials, label design, interior and exterior signage, and vendor management.

Vanished Kingdoms

I See No Stranger, Early Sikh Art and Devotion

Holy Madness


A few of the identities I have designed over the years.

Please note, AccuCost Construction Consultants was designed while working at Calori & Vanden-Eynden/Design Consultants.

Le Poisson Wines

‘Le Poisson Wines’ and ‘La Vieille Cave’ are the first introduction of Tunisian wines packaged specifically for the US market. There are four different varietals, three of which are packaged under the name of 'Le Poisson' and a red wine branded separately.

The label design is deeply rooted in Tunisian heritage, with the fish illustration representing the mosaic tradition as well as a symbol of good fortune and protection.

In 2010, Le Poisson Gris won Best of Show, Best Use of Dramatic Graphics, and Successful Innovation at the International Wine Label Competition sponsored by the Volunteer Center of Napa Valley.


ListCharming is a custom wedding registry that lets you include anything you want. It works by letting you add whatever you want to your wedding registry, and then collecting cash contributions for each gift you receive. You then withdraw the funds to purchase the gifts on your own.

A joint project by Melissa Miranda and Dick Brouwer, it is the perfect marriage of friendly user experience and wishes coming true.

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Located in Hunts Point region of Bronx, NY, the Hunts Point Terminal Market is the largest wholesale produce market in the world, sitting on 113 acres of property comprising of 1 million square feet of interior space. Working with Faz Productions, we developed a site that could be updated easily and took advantage of a multi-faceted ad module.

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Project Completion Date: October 2010
Project Involvement: Art Director, Web Design
Created at Faz Productions